October 05, 2007

Removing Boot Camp

When I first got my MacBook Pro I installed Apple's Boot Camp software so I could still run the odd Windows application. This proved handy, albeit tedious to have to reboot whenever switching operating systems. During the summer I installed a copy of Parallels and can now blissfully run Windows within OS X whenever necessary.

Unfortunately, removing Boot Camp took a little leg work. I started by using the "Boot Camp Assistant" to restore the startup disk to a single volume. This seemed to work properly at first. But before long I noticed this change affected the startup time. Upon booting, a folder with a question mark would appear and spin its wheels for a moment prior to the gray Apple logo. Everything else worked fine.

Today I found a solution to this nagging issue in the Apple support forums. Simply reset the PRAM:

  1. Shut down computer.

  2. Turn on computer.

  3. Press and hold the Command+Option+P+R keys before the startup screen appears.

  4. Wait until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound.

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